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About Us

Imagine being reminded of your life’s dream every time you took a sip of wine. That’s exactly what was happening to us—for the last 20 years. (That’s a lot of dreaming.)


The idea of opening a wine bar that both stood out with its interesting, approachable wine offerings as well as its inclusive, authentic environment had been swirling in our minds since we were climbing the corporate ladders in San Francisco. (Renee’s background is in Tech Marketing, and Todd’s is Marketing in Scientific Tools.)


For over two decades, the cozy wine bars and welcoming watering holes of San Francisco gave us a sense of unmatched community. It was in these unique establishments that we made friends, built character, and sometimes even just made it through the day. Those were the spots where the teams knew our names, welcomed us, saved us a seat, never made us feel like an “other,” and introduced us to the best people. (Shout out to Balboa Cafe, Brazenhead, California Wine Merchant, Robber Baron, Amelie, Harry's Bar, Blue Light, Tony Nik's, The Battery, and Bell Tower.)


When we moved to Sacramento and got married, we found that same sentiment coursing through the various neighborhoods here. But we still craved a place here that brought the joy of our favorite SF spots and the inclusiveness of “Cheers.”  


So we pulled that longtime dream off the shelf and created Joneck’s. (Pronounced Yo-Necks.) It’s where you’ll discover and enjoy wine you wouldn't normally have access to—without judgement or pretentiousness—as well as the joy of consistent connection with others.


Whether you’re looking for an impressive bottle of wine or a simple smile (with a splash of something) to get through the day, we are here to serve you! Come drink, be social, and stay awhile.



Renee & Todd

P.S. In case you’re wondering…why the name Joneck’s?

It’s a blend of Renee’s last name: Jones and Todd's last name: Yeck 

(She got the Letter - he got the Sound)

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